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  6月 0日,全球大络能源公司艾默生宣布分拆上市计划,艾默生络能源全球总裁Scott Barbour内部邮件如下:

  June 0, 2015

  Dear Emerson Network Power Employees,


  As you saw from Emerson s press release this morning, today marks the beginning of a new chapter in our history as Emerson announced a plan to spin off Network Power into a new, independent, publicly traded company. This opens new doors for us, and I hope that you are as excited as I and the rest of the management team are about the possibilities this brings. I see a bright future for our business going forward with new possibilities and growth potential for our organization.


  The Emerson press release is available online at both the Emerson Investor Relations website and our internal intranet. This letter and answers to some questions that we have anticipated will also be on the intranet in a few other languages.


  As a publicly-traded company, Network Power will be the world s leading, stand-alone provider of thermal management, A/C and D/C power, transfer switches, services and infrastructure management systems for the data center and telecommunications industries. We will live up to our reputation of providing customers with high-quality products, services, and innovative solutions backed up by our industry expertise. I firmly believe that as a stand-alone company, we will have flexibility and speed to market that will allow us to take advantage of market trends faster than our competitors.


  This decision was made as part of Emerson s efforts to align with the changing global marketplace and customers needs. I believe that following the separation, the Network Power business will be better positioned to continue executing our strategic plan while delivering unmatched service to customers globally, which should in turn translate into greater career opportunities for employees.


  Moving Forward着眼今后

  We are very early in the process, and there are many details to work out. Separating the two companies and preparing Network Power to be a stand-alone, public company will require detailed planning and focused execution. In the near future, we will form planning teams and start work on all the activities associated with the separation. Some of you will be involved in this process, but the vast majority of you will not experience any changes in your daily responsibilities. Until the separation is complete, we will remain one company and participate in the Emerson processes as normal.


  I want to reinforce the importance of staying focused on achieving our fiscal year 2015 goals and continuing to meet our commitments to customers and the corporation. In order for this effort to succeed, we must continue to deliver the high-value solutions our customers have come to expect.


  I know you will have many questions about the plan. To help answer some of these questions, we have attached a list of FAQs and will create a dedicated page at http://networkpower/pages/px to keep you updated. In addition to the Emerson webcast on Tuesday, June 0, at 11:00 a.m. ET, I will be holding several webcasts in the next two days, and I encourage you all to attend.

  我知道你们对于此次计划有很多的问题。为了协助解答一部分问题,我们随附了一份问答列表,并会在http://networkpower/pages/px 开辟专门的页以及时将情况向大家通报。除了美国东部时间6月 0号上午11点的艾默生络会议之外,我也会在未来两天召开几场络会议,希望大家积极参加。

  In addition I will be meeting with small groups of people immediately to discuss the future of Network Power. As I and the senior leaders are visiting various locations, we will be having town hall meetings and further sessions to discuss and answer your questions. While we won t be able to answer all of your questions today, we are committed to communicating with you frequently in order to be as transparent and open as possible. You should also feel free to reach out to your immediate supervisor or send questions to me at this email address: ott@


  In closing, I want to reiterate my excitement and that today marks the first step toward an outstanding future for Network Power, its employees, customers and partners. Having spent 26 years at Emerson and the last four at Network Power, I have seen us remake and reshape our business to align with the marketplace and better serve our customers. Today s announcement builds on that track record and would not be possible without your contributions. I want to thank you all for your continued efforts and hard work.


  I look forward to an exciting future together.



  Scott Barbour

  Executive Vice President, Emerson







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